Moving or Pushing an Order from one Customer Control Panel to another

You can move an Order along with all other related Products and Services from your existing Customer Control Panel to another Customer, by following the steps mentioned below:


  • Third level .ME domain names can be registered only by Montenegrin individuals and entities. Hence, if you are moving a Third level .ME domain name, do ensure that the Customer to whom you are moving has the Default Registrant Contact as a Montenegrin individual or entity.

  1. Login to your Control Panel, search for the domain name for which you have purchased this Order and go to the Order Information view. See details

    About Lock / Suspension 

    • If the domain name/Order is Locked/Suspended, you will have to first get it Unlocked/Unsuspended before proceeding further.

    • For Resellers: If the domain name is Locked by you, you may proceed without Unlocking it.

    • For Resellers: If the domain name is Locked by, you need to get it Unlocked first. Contact us at

    • For Resellers: If the domain name/Order is Suspended by either you or, it needs to be first Unsuspended, before you can proceed.

  2. Click the Move Services link on the top right-hand side of the screen, to initiate the process.

  3. Here, you would have to mention the following details:

    • New Customer's ID: The Customer ID is a unique number associated with a Customer's Profile. If you do not know the Customer ID of the new Account, you can locate it in the Profile Details view in the new Customer Control Panel. See details

    • New Customer's username: Mention the Customer Username (Email Address) of the Customer Account where you wish to move the Order.

    About Customer Details 

    • If you are moving the Order under a different Reseller, but have not created a Customer Account under that Reseller, you need to correspond with this Reseller for your Customer ID and Username (Email Address) to move your domain name to this Customer Control Panel.

    • You will encounter the below error messages in case:

      • the Customer Username (Email Address) and the Customer ID you specified are not of the same Customer:


        The Customer username and Customer ID are not of the same Customer

      • the Customer Username (Email Address) and/or the Customer ID you specified are incorrect:


        Invalid Customer

    About Contact Details 

    • If you are Moving/Pushing a .ASIA domain name and choose to retain the existing Contact Details, then the current CED Contact would continue to be used, even after the Move.

      Additional Information

      CED Contact

    • If you are Moving/Pushing a .ASIA domain name and choose not to retain the existing Contact Details, then the Registrar's default CED Contact would be used after the Move.


    • Upon moving a .PRO domain name to another Customer, the existing professional information gets associated with the new Registrant Contact (if Contacts are not retained).

  4. Click the Move services to other Customer button.

  5. Confirm that the Customer account to which you are moving this Order, is the one you really intend to and click the Confirm and Move button.

Move Errors 

  • You may encounter an error while attempting to Move Services for an Order, if:

    • One or more Services for this domain name are currently being processed.

    • There is a Pending Invoice for any Service associated with this domain name.

    • There are one or more Services purchased for the domain name under another Customer of this [new] Reseller.

      Example: You have purchased Hosting for through your Customer Control Panel with and have registered the Domain Name through Reseller B under the Customer Account of X. Now if you try to move this Domain Registration Order to another Customer Control Panel [say Customer Account of Y] under Reseller B, you will encounter an error.

    • One or more Products/Services are currently under the Money Back Period. (This would imply that deletion of that particular Product/Service would entitle you to a refund.)

    In any of the above cases, the Moving or Pushing of the domain name is not possible and you will have to either:

    1. wait for the processing to complete, or

    2. Cancel any Pending process.

  • You will encounter the below error message in case the domain name is either:

    • Locked/Suspended at the Registry (and not under our system), or

    • a Transfer Away for the domain name to another Registrar is under process


    Domain Status does not allow this operation.

  • You will encounter the following error message, if the status of this Order or any other Service related to this Order is Inactive (under process) or Suspended. You will also encounter this error if the associated Domain Registration Order is under Pending Delete Restorable status:


    Invalid Order Status

  • Other issues that you may encounter while Moving your domain name and their solutions are listed below:

    • Lock/Suspension applied at the Registry: Contact our Support Team at to know the reason for Lock/Suspension and how this Lock/Suspension may be removed.

    • While a Transfer Away is under process:

      • Cancel the Transfer through the link listed in the email sent to the Registrant/Administrative Contact of the domain name and then perform the required modification, or

      • Wait for the Transfer to complete and then carry out the desired modification at the New Registrar.

  • For Resellers: You may encounter the below error in case the [new] Reseller (of the Customer under whom the Order is being moved) has not signed for that specific Product:


    Reseller has not signed up for this Product - <Product Name>. So, we can't complete your request

    In this case, the [new] Reseller need to sign up for the Product before the Order can be moved.

  • You will encounter the below error in the case of attempting to Move / Push an Order to a deleted Customer's account:


    New Customer's status prohibits this operation

    In this case, the Moving / Pushing of the Order is not possible. In order to essentially Move / Push this Order away from the current Customer, you will have to add / create the new Customer account.

  • A domain can only be moved using the existing Contact Details of the domain name. The feature for using Default Contacts of the new customer has been Deprecated.
  • Move is currently not supported for WordPress Hosting orders.